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May 11, 2012 5:00pm PDT
clothing. he has been cited. >> governor brown removed, porter and five others from the committee focused on identifying toxins. proposition 29 would add a $1 tax to each pack of cigarettes for cancer research and anti- smoking programs. in the ad forewarns it would create a bureaucracy and cent tax money out of state >> the mother everyone is talking about has bay area groups. in a cbs five exclusive her family tells us that the shocking photo is just a way of life >> 1 hospital is streamlining its cancer screening program. how is saving lives and money coming up >> the full concert experience without having to pay for it. mobile,,,,,,,, >> a security breach this morning as president obama was set to leave l.a.. the pilot of a small airplane strayed into restricted air freight space and was escorted away by two f-16 jets. when the pilot landed he was interviewed and cleared. the fund-raiser at actor george clunies home set a record, the president rankin $15 million. nurses on the cutting edge of cancer screening. how they're saving lives and money,,,,,,,,,,,, >> this photograph has spark
May 14, 2012 5:00pm PDT
of us >> you can go to the web site and check to see if there are unclaimed funds >> governor brown has more than $61 coming back. ross mercury me, that $5 won't help pay much of his defense bill. me, also $61. now for the reams of paperwork it takes. >> we put a link on our website if, so you can find out if they owe you money. >> tonight the city of san bruno takes another step forward following that devastating pipeline explosion in 2010. the city is welcoming back to families who lost their homes. >> the city will have a brief ceremony coming up in a few hours to welcome those families back. this has been devastating to say the least, 38 homes destroyed, eight people lost their lives. bob and his family waited 18 months to get back into their home. they have been inside now completely rebuilt home for about one month. he says is great but the emotional scars have not gone away and he is going to sue pg&e for that >> there are things that we lost that could never replace and some people lost their lives. we lost a couple of cats, and a things that were passed down from my grandparent
May 25, 2012 5:00pm PDT
brown hair but again decomposition is making winds difficult to determine the most notable discovery the victim was wearing pajamas bottoms and an old navy share to pleasanton police withhold the color style even the size of the clothing she was also wearing blue fingernail polish the body was discovered yesterday a 45 gal. rolling trash can dump space shrubs along dublin canyon road at near laurel creek drive police believe that this is a homicide but now that this autopsy is over and ask why they believe that this is not sierra lamar's? the county coroner does not believe they've discovered the remains of sierra lamar's. our investigation during the autopsies do not believe that based on the physical characteristics of the body and what we know about sierra lamar's we do not believe we live is not likely a sierra lamar's. >>> they believe that in part because despite the decomposition and they were able to lift fingerprints into their telling us some preliminary runs of data bases have revealed no positive matches we're told that the element county coroner will run additional matc
May 28, 2012 5:00pm PDT
and the brown the santa cruz mountains now is to take a look our satellite radar would d.c. here? the closedown by the end of the week. otherwise did the '60s the beach is '60s and '70s across the peninsula the winds will pick up again tomorrow 10 to 20 m.p.h. 76 degrees and says a which is average for the some of the year the same story and livermore 79 degrees in brentwood to really a seasonal late spring day tomorrow with the paris seventh in santa rosa and 62 in san francisco but that's about a couple degrees below normal the extended forecast calls for each day a warming trend in looks like there's a will cannot be the warmest day of this work week only to a letter sent late by the weekend but the wins will find a begin to ease back gently by mid-week. >>> it is best known for the biggest trees under it is a when national park is also home to the worst smog in the u.s. national park federal researchers say ozone levels in the sierra nevada park are similar to those in los angeles. they say the pollution comes from the san juaquin valley and today say it is damaging trees specifically at o
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4